Welcome to Australia

Did you know that Australia is also named “the lucky country” ?
While originally referred to as the lucky country, by opposition to the other developed “clever countries”, Australia still has a great list of assets which would indeed make you a lucky person if you got the opportunity to live in Australia.

Imagine for a second : a cool lifestyle, friendly people, an amazing all year long sunny weather, beautiful beaches, an astoundingly rich fauna, breathtaking landscapes countrywide, modern cities, a beautiful green countryside, and you start to have a clearer picture of Australia.

How nice is that ? Would you like to know more about Australia ?


TheCoolKoala.com aims at sharing all tips that could help you in settling down in Australia, and in knowing better about this beautiful country.

You will find useful resources on various subjects such as : moving to Australia, settling down, buying food, buying a property, finding a job, learning, traveling, entertaining yourself.
Feel free to browse the blog’s content and comment. If there is a specific topic you seek information on, you can either search for it using the search bar or select among the multiple categories the one of your interest.

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Enjoy !

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